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Home Blend

Home Blend came to us as a tough challenge, with all the coffee brands picking up in the market, it was difficult to create content that could stand out and at the same time depict the essence of the brand while delivering its niche to the viewers.

We thought of portraying the splendid idea of freshly roasted world speciality coffee in the form of a story board that could speak to the viewers and create a sense of attraction and aura for the brand.

The story board follows the depiction of the process of making a fresh cup of coffee using Home Blend. :)

A rustic and vintage setup with cross lights combined with a raw ambience and minimal props was our mood for the story board.

Roasting with Drip Coffee

The picture depicts a traditional coffee picker lifting up a jar of freshly roasted coffee from her shelf.

We used a set of 4 lights from different directions to light up the ambience and the products separately. The soft lighting warrants the vintage look of the frame while the setting of the table with the products and props that are co-related, compliment the products in a surreal manner.

Loading the grinder with Mandheling

The grinder being loaded with freshly roasted coffee in the subtle lights through the window pane gives a resplendent look to the picture and drifts the focus on to the rich finish of the product and highlights it for the viewer.

A set of 4 lights with a bundle of coffee beans filled up the frame beautifully to create the magic in the picture.

Grinding with Monsooned Malabar

Freshly roasted coffee gradually transforming to ground coffee is a wonderful sight in itself. Representing it in our frame was just as beautiful and with the grinder in the foreground combined with ground coffee in the background.

A minimalistic set of appealing and aesthetic props have been used with a dual light source to highlight the products in this picture and give them the attractive touch.

Brewing with Mysore Nuggets

And comes the time for the final reward when you finally get close to indulging in the soothing aroma and fine taste of fresh coffee.

We wanted our final frame of the storyboard to portray the richness of finally getting to pour a hard earned cup of coffee. Filling up the frame with multiple elements and using a strong background light helped us highlight and lift up the mood with this picture, exactly what coffee does to you.

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